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The art of beauty is for everyone, you can also do what we can. Become a professional in the hands of experts in the discipline you prefer or in all of them. Access face-to-face lessons every week and be one of us at the end of the road.

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Learn the foundational technique of Eyelash Extensions with the Classic Eyelash Technique. This training is for beginners and lash artist who would like to perfect their technique. During the eight hours of training, students will learn the theory behind the technique, practice on a mannequin and have a full demonstration of the technique on a live model.

Lesson type: In-person, Group.

Andrea Fuenlizada


Claudia Mir


Lesson type: In-person, Private.

Andrea Fuenlizada


Eyebrow Lessons

This class is for beginners and artists wishing eyebrows perfect your technique. During the five hours class, they will learn the theory behind the technique and will have a full demo in live model. They will also practice with your model they invite class

Lesson type: In-person, Small Group.

Claudia Mir



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